Smart Science Toys Gifts Ages 2 to 4

Teach your child education at a young age. Here are excellent science, math and educational toys for toddlers and youth ages 2 to 4 years old:
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Bath Tub Educational Accessories for Kids, Newborns and Infants
Item: Bath Time Science - Bath Water Toys for the Bath Tub
Manufacturer: TOMY, Boon, and Maluk
Description: Make bath time fun and educational with interactive reinforcing science concepts. Some Mommy Science faves include the (a) Tomy Bath Fountain Rocket Water Spray, (b)Boon Marco Light-Up Bath Astronaut, (c) Moluk Plui Rain Cloud Tub Toy. These toys are unique ways to develop motor skills, introduce the notions of cause and effect, and stimulate imagination and integrate many senses.
Cons: More expensive than typical bathtub toys. Excellent godparents' gifts.
Recommended Age Group as listed on Amazon:
(a) TOMY Bath Fountain: 12 months and up
(b) Boon Marco Astronaut: 3 yrs +
(c) Moluk Plui Rain Cloud: 24 months and up
Size: Around 8" x 11"
Find on Amazon:    TOMY Bath Rocket    |     Boon Astronaut   |     Moluk Rain Cloud
Average Product Review: 4.5 stars, based on 52 reviews on Amazon
Cost: Regular price: $15 per item. Around $14.99 on Amazon

Classic Abacus Toy for Children
Item: Classic Wooden Abacus
Author Melissa & Doug
Description: Traditional wooden abacus bead counting frame toy. Brightly colored beads help kids learn math, counting and improve number skills.
Cons: Small Size.
Recommended Age Group: 3 years and up, as listed on Amazon
Where to Buy:    Walmart   |     Amazon
Average Product Review: 4.8 stars, based on 582 reviews on Amazon
Cost: Regular price: $11 per item. Around $10.55 on Amazon

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