STEM Education Activities for Kids and Teens

STEM education employs degrees of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in an applied approach to educate students. STEAM programs add art to the array. With advancements in technology, STEM academic disciplines in engineering, mathematics and science have become interconnected and not mutually exclusive of one another. Both STEM and STEAM related K-12 interdisciplinary programs offer insight into the passion and pursuit of real-life applications.

The STEM and STEAM activities listed are excellent ideas to engage the family to work together on more complex concepts. They offer creative, motivational educational alternative options for after-school class lessons, science project ideas, grade school quiz challenges or fun family days on the weekend.
Enjoy some fun, family creative do-it-yourself STEM craft activities integrating science, technology, engineering and mathematical concepts.

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Want some fun and educational toy ideas and gift suggestions to increase your child's motivation for educational endeavors?
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