Science Education Toy Guide For Children

Educational toys are essential for any parent or parent-to-be. Toys offer an endless array of inspirational memories for childhood and adults. You might not believe it, but playing with toys at a young age greatly affects one's brain functionality and childhood experiences.To quote Plato in 'Laws. Index to the writings of Plato',
"[T]he future builder must play with building..…all the thoughts and pleasures of children should bear on their after-profession."
From 3D puzzles to plush organs to assembling building blocks to analyzing matter in microscopes, listed are a few fun and educational ideas and toy options to increase your child's brain activity and motivation for educational endeavors.

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Don't want to spend the extra money on purchasing new toys?
Enjoy some fun, family creative do-it-yourself STEM craft activities integrating science, technology, engineering and mathematical concepts:

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