Teen Science Gifts and Toy Guide

Best Science Toys and Games for Teenagers. Our Mommy Science recommended educational gifts for interested teen scientists and innovators ages 13 years old and up:
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Best 3D Printer for Educators
Item: Best 3D Printer
Manufacturer: Ultimaker
Description: Ordering a fused filament Ultimaker 3DPrinter is a great idea for those teens skilled in 3dmodeling. Just make sure you act with due diligence and research the printer technology first, especially the limitations of the print resolution and any maintenance requirements. Fused Filament Fabrication printers are the most inexpensive type of printer. But don't expect the printer to work perfectly. These printers can require a bit of manual maintenance, especially for 3DPrint newbies. Parts and proprietary filament add to the expense. The Ultimaker is one of the most reliable FFF 3D Printers on the market, but you pay for that in the cost markup. Prefer something more inexpensive, try the Monoprice 3d Printer priced around $220.
Recommended Age Group: 13 years old, as listed on Amazon
Cons: Price. Cura software is not mandatory to use. Having issues? Download Slic3r software for free
Where to Buy:    Amazon  |   Ultimaker
9 stars, based on 10 reviews on All3DP
Average Product Review: 3.4 stars, based on 5 reviews on Amazon
Cost: Regular price: $3495 per item. Around $3495 on Amazon

Solar Power Backpack Charger Power Bank
Item: Solar Power Charging Phone Accessories
Manufacturer: FKant
Description: Great battery pack for hiking days, camping trips or phone charging school emergencies. Simply attach to a backpack or stroller and wait for the solar energy reboot.
Other Best Sellers in Solar Battery Chargers & Charging Kits
Where to Buy:    Amazon  
Average Product Review: 4.1 stars, based on 547 reviews on Amazon
Cost: Regular price: $36.99 per item. Around $21.99 on Amazon

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