Science Articles for Education

Scientific discoveries help shape our planet and our children. Here are some of our favorite science articles and educational resources for parents that encourage thinking and making at a young age. Science matters!

Scholastic Reading Articles
Articles are divided by an age group for parents with children aged pre-kindergarten to 8th grade.

Recommended Vaccines and Immunization Schedule
Keep up-to-date on immunization and vaccine schedules with this resource. Learn when, what and why the vaccines are recommended and the minimum intervals between doses. Tables indicate immunizations for children, teens, college students and adults.

PBS Parents Science Tips
Learn effective strategies and suggestions to explain hard science concepts for children to understand.

National Science Teachers Association: Tips for Parents
Explore helpful ways to discuss topics to nurture young scientists.

Kids Health & Genetics
Read the basics about genetics, illnesses, and the increased risks for children and parents

Genetic Screening Test for Women over 35
Be prepared for the pregnancy risks if you're 35 or older.

Controversial DIY Gene Tests Like 23andMe
Before and after pregnancy, how can gene tests, ancestry and wellness studies inform your opinion about science and scientific probabilities (2015).

MIT Review about Genetic Testing
Review about Rewriting Life. The FDA Opens Genetic Floodgates with 23andMe Decision (April 2017).

Autism ADHD Risk Not Linked to Prenatal Exposure (April 2017)
New clinical research and science news about prenatal exposure for women on antidepressants.

Less is more: New moms need workout programs that are less structured, more flexible
Suggested workout fitness programs for mommy-to-be. Focus on flexibility and step routines (March 2017).

The Science of Mom Book
Read about 'The Science of Mom' (2015) book on John Hopkins University Press. Science of Mom is 'a research-based guide to baby's first year'.

Pregnancy linked to long-term changes in mom’s brain
Learn about pregnancy changes that affect a mother's brain in an article published in Nature Neuroscience on Science News (December 2016).

History of Earth Day
Read about the history of earth day from 1970 to present-day.

Time for Kids - Ways to Celebrate Earth Day
Celebrate Earth Day with green tips, kid-friendly activities, free printable resources, earth day photos and articles environmental conservation on Time Magazine for Kids website.

March for Science Campaign
Learn about the first step of a global movement to defend and celebrate the role of science in the midst of President Donald Trump's threats of budget cuts to reduce federal funding.

Science and Anti-vaccine Misinformation
How storytelling can infect fear and challenge evidence-based research information for parents and child development (2013).

How Can I Help My Child Become More Interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics?
Ways to enhance your children’s education in STEM related activities and kidsites for parents (updated 2009).

Minimizing Risks - Autism Prevention
Ideas for minimizing risks and other ways to prevent childhood autism. Things to consider for mommy-to-be within a year of becoming pregnant.

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