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Educational toys are essential for any newborn child, toddler, elementary school child, pre-teen or teenager. Toys can inspiring, interactive, and promote the importance of discovery and play. You might not believe it, but playing with toys at a young age greatly affects one's brain functionality and childhood experiences. Play with educational toys can improving early childhood development, enhance learning and improve critical analysis and drive childhood development. Play dates with other children can improve literacy development and your child's social skills and fundamental movement skills. From social play to object play, from free play to guided play, from exploratory play to pretend play, the power of play and early childhood play can increase creativity and improve learning cognition.

Interested in having your product reviewed by Mommy Science professionals? Contact us about baby products, health, eco-friendly products, household products. My family and I are devoted to all things baby science and champion educational products that are great for parents, children and teens. We also feature kitsch science gear for the whole family.

Toys and Games Gift Review:

Here's a list of some of the products my husband and I recommend:

Additional Information: Products by Age Group
Newborns, Infants and Toddlers
Preschool Ages 2-4
Kindergarten Ages 5-7

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