Map of Florida Science Museums + Libraries with 3D Printers

Florida education is extremely important to our family at Mommy Science. The state of Florida offers an abundance of tourist attractions and various science related museums for educators and students alike. Visiting educational facilities help inspire children to learn, imagine, discover and innovate.
Below is a map listing science, agricultural, military maritime, railroad transit and aviation museums in Florida. The map also highlights a Florida public libraries and academic institutions that have 3D printers at their facilities. Many of these public libraries offer free STEM related education programs, 3D printing classes, robotics events, lego innovation groups, mommy and me group classes, and so much more educational opportunities for parents and children. Several of these libraries explore other means of innovation. They provide die-cutters, audio-visual software, Adobe Cloud subscriptions and recording studio equipment. Today's libraries don't simply collect books; libraries transform, educate and inspire everyday lives.

Don't live in Florida? If you are interested in learning about other public libraries that offer 3D Printing and 3D Printing classes, please refer to The Travelin' Librarian's map of libraries with 3D Printers. It's a fantastic resource which we used to edit and update our Florida listings!

If you notice any error on the map or any missing Florida science-related museum or Florida library housing 3D Printers, please contact us immediately and provide a resource link for citations. Thanks for your assistance!

Map of Science Museums in Florida and 3D Printing Libraries

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