Lego Curriculum Education: STEM Activity

Lego Curriculum Lego Education is designed for students in kindergarten to high school students. The STEM curriculum activity pack teaches simple and complex machines with engineering principals to activate children's minds with real world situations.

Per the Lego STEM WeDo 2.0 Curriculum Initiative, LegoEducation offers free downloads, curriculum objections and stem activities for educators and parents:

"Activity pack for Early Simple Machines (Grades K-1)
Includes eight 45-minute lessons, each with extension activities of up to 20 minutes, and four additional open-ended problem-solving activities.

Activity pack for Simple Machines (Grades 1-4)
Features 16 principle activities, four main activities, and four problem-solving activities.

Activity pack for Simple and Powered Mechanisms (Grades 5 +)
Features 37 principle model activities, 14 main activities, including extension activities, and six problem-solving tasks."

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